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"Brisette says you should wash your eyelids with an “eyelid formulated cleanser” every night. That helps remove the buildup of dust, bacteria, and other pollution that eyelids and lashes trap throughout the day."

August 2023

"Eye health is super important, but we sometimes neglect it. So, we talked with Ashley Brissette, MD MSc FRCSC (she/her), ophthalmologist and founder of eyecare cosmetic company Daily Practice, to discuss myths, facts, and just what to
be mindful of when it comes to our 👀."

June 2023

"Chances are, you're probably forgetting to take care of your eyes. This cleanser by Dr. Ashley Brissette, an ophthalmologist with years of experience in eye surgery and eye-care medicine, formulated this cleanser to hydrate your strained eyes."

May 2023