Stunning Eyes begin with Science

Developed by Dr. Ashley Brissette, Eye Revive by Daily Practice is the first and only 3-in-1 to cleanse, hydrate and remove residual makeup and toxins. It is formulated for the delicate eyelid skin.


Doctor Developed

Created by an ophthalmologist (eye physician and surgeon)

Clean Beauty

Natural and organic ingredients (COSMOS approved)

Eco - Friendly

Committed to environmentally friendly production and packaging

Give Back

A portion of proceeds are donated to foundations for fighting blindness

Why is cleansing around the eyes so important?

Eye dryness, redness and irritation can occur when pollution, dust, allergens or residual makeup gets into the eyes. Selecting a cleanser specifically formulated for the eyes is vital to your vision.


Dehydration contributes to fine lines and dark circles.


Bacteria lives on our eyelids and lashes, leading to redness, irritation and infections.


Allergens, dust and pollution in the environment builds up on the air leads to irritation and blurry vision.


Particles from your eye make up and other debris can get into the eyes if not fully removed.

How is Eye Revive by Daily Practice different?

Most cleansers strip away naturally occurring oils that keep the eyelid skin hydrated and leave behind harmful bacteria and debris on the eyelashes. Medical grade eyelid cleansers rely on harsh ingredients which irritate the skin and many cosmetic products are unregulated and contain harmful ingredients.

Eye Revive is the first and only certified organic cleanser formulated for the eyes. Make it a part of your daily practice: your eye care ritual, backed by science.


Why trust your eyes to any other product? The 3-in-1 cleanser is your eyecare ritual, backed by science. Protect your vision.

Daily Practice

Eye-focused skincare backed by science

Giving Back

Purchasing from Daily Practice supports efforts for vision saving surgery. Daily Practice is committed to donating a portion of proceeds to global vision charities. When you take care of your eyes, you are helping to restore vision to those in need.

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I love it!

"I’ve been using it each morning and night... it doesn't feel oily like some cleansers and it feels really safe to be using around my eyes. I'm cautious now that I'm nursing, I want only safe products”

— Kendra F


“This works really well, I’ve tried other cleansers that can't get my makeup off and I see little particles still left on my eyelids - and this one removes that. I like that its foam and most importantly my skin feels really nice, very refreshed”

— Danielle W

All in one eye care

“I use this product myself and I also tell all of my patients about it. I finally have something that is an all in one product I can safely recommend”

— Dr. R

Helped eye strain

"I work from home on a computer all day and wear contact lenses so my eyes were feeling tired. Since I started cleaning my eyelids every day my eyes are a lot more comfortable and I don't rub them as much"

— Mike L.

Keeps my lash extensions clean

"I was getting some eye irritation from my lash extensions and even had a few styes. Im really happy I found something that was created by a doctor so I know its safe to use"

— Deanna N.

Bright eyes!

"My eyelids aren't red anymore and the whites feel brighter. I love that it leaves my eyelids soft"

— Christy B.