What is so special about EYE REVIVE?

  • EYE REVIVE by Daily Practice is the first and only 3-in-1 to cleanse, hydrate and remove residual makeup around the eyes. It leaves your eyes feeling bright, refreshed and hydrated.

There is bacteria on my eyelashes?

  • Yes! Bacteria live all over our skin and especially on the eyelids and eyelashes. This may lead to infections, irritation, redness and blurry vision. Just like you brush your teeth every day, you need to be washing around your eyes every day to keep them healthy. 

Why do I need to cleanse every day?

  • Just like you brush your teeth to remove bacteria and debris, you should be washing around your eyes. It is recommended once in the morning to get rid of crusting that builds up overnight and to leave your eyes refreshed and bright for your day, and once in the PM to remove makeup and pollutant debris that builds up over the course of your busy day.

What are the benefits of using EYE REVIVE?

  • Your eyes will feel brighter and refreshed, your eyelid skin will be hydrated and your makeup will be gently removed. Make this a part of your daily practice: your eye care ritual, backed by science. Love your eyes as much as we do. 

Why did Dr. Brissette create EYE REVIVE?

  • She saw a need for a product that would fulfill all facets of eye care: makeup removal, eyelid cleansing and skin hydration. There were no products available that she felt were up to her high standards of recommendation for her patients, so she created the Daily Practice brand.