The Top Eyelid Cleansers

The Top Eyelid Cleansers

Our eyelids and eyelashes trap dirt, debris, and bacteria throughout the day, and if left uncleaned, they can lead to a host of problems, such as irritation, inflammation, infection, and even vision loss. Eyelid cleansing is essential for maintaining healthy and bright eyes. By making eyelid cleansing a part of your daily routine, you can protect your eyes from harm and maintain good eye health. The whites of your eyes will appear brighter, your lashes longer and the comfort of your eyes will be improved. 

Our top eyelid cleansers:

1. Avenova: made with hypochlorus acid, this eyelid cleanser can be used if you had been diagnosed with blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), have an acute infection or have severe ocular rosacea. 

2. Eye Revive: ophthalmologist created, this is a gentle daily cleanser for people of all genders and ages. It is formulated with only organic ingredients so is especially safe if you are pregnant or nursing. Its gentle nature makes it essential for those with eye sensitivities or sensitive skin. It also has natural moisturizers so will leave the eyelids and lashes hydrated and supple.

3. Optase: contains tea tree oil, some may find the smell less desirable but will give a tingly clean sensation. They come in a wipe form so they travel well. 

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